What Are Gift Tax Returns and Who Needs to File Them?

Sometimes, the name given to certain federal tax laws disguises the full scope of the laws and the impact the laws may have on you individually. For example, the gift tax laws not only apply to formal gifts from one person to another, but they also apply to transfers whenever the donor shifts assets without […]

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How to Have a Conversation With Your Family About Your Wishes for After You Pass

For most of us, planning for life after death is not the standard topic for Sunday night dinner. Aside from the emotional weight of these conversations, finding the appropriate time and place to gather and discuss matters of funeral planning and inheritance can be a logistical concern for many families. However, delaying these discussions can […]

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How to Inventory Your Assets for Your Family After You Pass

When a relative passes away, we often imagine rummaging through countless boxes to determine what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss. Without proper planning, the process of sorting through a deceased family member’s belongings can be a difficult element of the grieving process, as well as a significant time commitment. In certain […]

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Best Practices for Irrevocable Trusts

Sometimes, we are approached by prospective clients who wish to make changes to their irrevocable trusts—unaware that under current law, these trusts cannot be easily amended. In fact, modifying the agreements of an irrevocable trust, unless under very specific conditions, is a violation of state and/or federal law. As the current administration seeks to increase […]

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When Should You Include an Estate Planning Attorney in the Sale of Your Business?

We are often approached by clients who are in the process of selling their business. While we love to offer legal advice and recommendations regarding the sale, it is imperative that we are contacted before or during the negotiation stages. Once the letter of intent (“LOI”) is drafted, any guidance an estate planning attorney could […]

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Estate Planning 101 Education Funding for Children and Grandchildren

Estate Planning 101: Education Funding for Children and Grandchildren

In 2021, the average tuition for four-year public colleges increased by 1%, and 2% for private colleges. These price increases reflect a trend that has been growing for years. Many parents and grandparents dream of the opportunities which higher education can provide for their children and grandchildren. However, the nightmare of massive student debt is […]

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Demystifying Estate Planning Here’s What the Process Actually Entails

Demystifying Estate Planning: Here’s What the Process Actually Entails

As estates and trusts attorneys, we often hear similar questions and misconceptions about what the estate planning process actually entails. Prospects and new clients will ask questions like, “Do I have enough assets to qualify for an estate?” Or “I thought estate planning was something only the ultra-wealthy do.” And the most common of the […]

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Estates and Trusts Law Firm Sessa & Dorsey Hires New Associate Attorney Rita G. Browne

As published in citybiz and i95 Business. Sessa & Dorsey, an estates and trusts law firm headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, has announced the addition of Rita G. Browne as an Associate Attorney. Rita’s practice will focus on estates and trusts, as well as tax law for clients throughout the state of Maryland. She handles all […]

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Estate Planning 101 Who Should I Choose as My Trustee

Estate Planning 101: Who Should I Choose as My Trustee?

When you create a trust, you must choose someone to serve as the trustee. The trustee will be the person responsible for handling the management and distribution of the assets owned by the trust. Choosing the right trustee is one of the most important decisions you will make on your estate planning journey. The role […]

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How to Include Cryptocurrencies and NFTs Into Your Estate Plan

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become hot topics in the media and amongst our estate planning clients. Even young individuals with no prior investing experience are getting involved in these new forms of digital currencies. In simple terms, a cryptocurrency is a digital token that is gradually becoming an accepted way to purchase and […]

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