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Estate Planning 101 Education Funding for Children and Grandchildren

Estate Planning 101: Education Funding for Children and Grandchildren

In 2021, the average tuition for four-year public colleges increased by 1%, and 2% for private colleges. These price increases reflect a trend that has been growing for years. Many parents and grandparents dream of the opportunities which higher education can provide for their children and grandchildren. However, the nightmare of massive student debt is […]

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Estate Planning 101 Who Should I Choose as My Trustee

Estate Planning 101: Who Should I Choose as My Trustee?

When you create a trust, you must choose someone to serve as the trustee. The trustee will be the person responsible for handling the management and distribution of the assets owned by the trust. Choosing the right trustee is one of the most important decisions you will make on your estate planning journey. The role […]

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Estate Planning 101 for Artists: How to Make an Inventory of Your Artwork

When most people hear the phrase, “estate asset inventory” they often think of investment accounts, bank accounts, real estate holdings, cars, etc. However, the assets included within your estate should not be limited solely to traditional or big-ticket items. The value of your estate includes all your possessions and belongings, including artwork and other creative […]

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Estate Planning 101: What is an Estate Plan and Why Do I Need One?

Most adults are aware that they should have a Will, formally known as a Last Will and Testament. However, you may not be aware that a Will is just one piece of your estate plan. The phrase estate planning includes several different legal documents and tools to ensure your wishes are known and your loved ones are taken care of after you pass. […]

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