Estate Planning Opportunities Under Secure 2.0

Estate Planning Opportunities Under SECURE 2.0

We will admit that it feels odd to speak about “The SECURE Act 2.0” when it feels like we are still getting our arms around some of the planning and administrative implications of the original SECURE Act (see the proposed regulations released in April 2022 and “4 IRA Rules you should know from the SECURE […]

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4 IRA Rules You Should Know About the SECURE ACT of 2020

4 IRA Rules You Should Know From the SECURE ACT of 2020

The SECURE ACT of 2020 set forth new rules for inherited retirement accounts (“IRAs”), but there was confusion as to when a beneficiary must take withdrawals from the IRAs. The Treasury issued Proposed Regulations on February 23, 2022, and although these regulations are not final, they provide clarity. Below is a summary of the minimum […]

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End-of-the-Year Considerations and Annual Maintenance Reminders

The end of the year is fast approaching. While these last few months bring holidays and celebrations, they also provide a perfect opportunity to review your finances and annual checklists and make sure that your estate plan is ready for the new year. Don’t let the ball drop on 2023 without ensuring that you’ve made […]

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Does Your Estate Plan Include Your Business Succession Plan?

For business owners, a comprehensive estate plan must include a roadmap for succession planning. While estate planning and business succession planning may seem like two separate processes, they often overlap. For example, a business owner’s estate plan should address whether the business will pass to family members and continue to operate, or whether the business […]

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Understanding 529 Plans for Education Funding

The cost of education continues to soar. Paying for the education of your children, grandchildren, or other loved ones may be an important part of your estate plan. One option is state-sponsored 529 saving plans, which are popular due to their income tax-saving benefits. The funds in 529 plans grow income tax-free and can then […]

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Relevant Maryland Legislature Passed in the 2022 General Assembly Session

To keep our clients and readers up to date on the legislation passed during the 2022 Maryland General Assembly Session, we have compiled a list of relevant developments and changes with further context and explanation. This year brought significant changes to the administration and notarization of estate planning documents, as well as greater freedoms and […]

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Charitable Planning with Retirement Accounts

Charitable planning is an important element for many estate plans – whether your primary purpose is minimizing the estate tax burden for your loved ones or whether charitable giving is a lifetime habit that you wish to continue, retirement assets can be a wise choice of assets for those who are looking to leave a […]

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How to Manage a New or Future Inheritance

The term “windfall” was first coined in the 15th century to equate unexpectedly good fortune with fruit falling from the sky. Just as an apple can drop to the ground without the need for a ladder, certain people wake up one day with access to a life-altering fortune without even lifting a finger. If you […]

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