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The Top 5 Benefits of a Trust

When planning for your estate, you should consider creating a Trust to hold your assets. Trusts are financial arrangements in which a person, the grantor, designates a trustee to manage and distribute the assets or property to beneficiaries. People incorporate Trusts into their estate plan for different reasons, such as avoiding probate, maintaining privacy during […]

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Estate Planning for Owning Real Estate in Multiple States

If you own real estate in multiple states, we encourage you to consider the legal implications this may have on your estate plan. Multi-state estate planning can alleviate many legal complications, costs, and headaches when it comes to the probate process. In Maryland, probate is the legal process of administering and settling a person’s estate after they […]

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Take Advantage of the Best Federal Gift & Estate Tax Rates Now Before It Could Be Too Late

The Federal Gift and Estate Tax Exemption A popular way to save federal estate taxes is for an individual to make gifts during lifetime to take advantage of the federal lifetime gift tax exemption. The federal lifetime gift tax exemption allows assets worth a certain value to be gifted without those gifts being subject to […]

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